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Revisionsdato: 06.07.2022 Mockupload is a database, hosted by, for uploading package mockups. 

Why upload mockups?  

Uploading your mockup-pdf’s is a free of charge possibility for your company to improve your product information to patients and customers.
When a mockup is uploadet it will be processed into a perspective image - se example below. 


How to join?  

  1. Write an email to - and we will reply with your user login.
  2. Login at and upload as many pdf's as you want - up til 50 at a time.
  3. The pdf is processed to a perspective image and published (we ensure manual validation before publishing).


The package picture will be displayed: 


·At indlæ (ap. 200.000 pageviews a month). See example below and here: Pantoprazol KRKA 

·In Apotekerforeningens app "", launched in the spring of 2021.
The perspective image is off course also available for your companys own use. 


Wan't to use your own perspective images? 

As soon as the perspective image is approved by the system, you can download it for your own use:  

  1. Log in with your usual user
  2. Click "My mockups"
  3. Choose the package of interest and click "show"
  4. Click the button "Download perspective image".


Is it obligatory?  

No, it is up to you. It’s a service, that we offer the pharmaceutical industry, to help improve information about your product.  



You can read more about security and the use of images at

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further questions:  

Technical questions: contact Christoffer at 

Other questions: contact Tone at 

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